Ogopogo Monster - Canada's Famous Lake Monster


Popular Song "Ogopogo"

"As a freelance musician interested in old recordings and jazz, I came across the website: www.redhotjazz.com/pwo.html  As you scroll down you will find alphabetically "Ogo Pogo," a two step or fox trot recorded by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra in 1924.  Just thought you might be interested, but guessing that you may be familiar with this old reference to your lake monster.  I am also a member and subscriber to skeptic groups that don't believe there is enough evidence to justify its existence.  Anyway, it's fascinating".

- Robert Craig, AB zoology, Ph.D. science education (Indiana University)
Thank you Robert for sharing this information with us...even if you are a skeptic! Haha!
Team Ogopogo


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