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Photos of the Ogopogo Monster

If you have photos or drawings of the Ogopogo Monster please send to us so we can share with other Lake Monster Enthusiasts. If possible, please include when the photo was taken and by whom.

Still frame from movie film taken in 1976 by Edward Fletcher


Lake Okanagan Ogopogo Monster. Photo by Dan Basaraba

This photo of the Ogopogo Monster was taken in 1964 by Eric Parameter

Native pictograph of Ogopogo?


If you know who took this photo please let us know so we can update the information.


Photo by the Wachlin family taken in the early 1980's

Photo by Ken Chaplin, 1989


Photo by Ken Chaplin, 1989

Art Folden,1968

Rattlesnake Island (Monster Island), home to the Ogopogo monster. Photo by Benjamin Radford


Ogopogo Stamp


        Statue of Ogopogo downtown Kelowna, B.C.  

Aerial view of Lake Okanagan


Lake Okanagan


Map of the Okanagan Valley




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